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We’re here to help you with your software needs, providing everything from IT consulting to custom software and software outsourcing services. You imagine it, we make it happen.

Our Services

Custom Software


At berg COMPUTERS we have vast experience in custom software development for a variety of industries, including Automotive, Distribution, Health Services, Logistics, Manufacturing, Home and Office Automation, Marketing, Real Estate, Event Planning, and more.

Having worked on thousands of unique projects, our developers know how to immediately identify your specific needs and then suggest the most appropriate technologies that will meet your individual requirements.

We rely on highly competitive project management methods so that we can successfully complete our tasks within clearly established timeframes, without ever compromising on quality. We also love transparency, which means that as a client you will always be kept in the loop, knowing how the project is doing and what our next step is going to be.

Software Outsourcing


berg COMPUTERS has been an active player on the software outsourcing market since 1991. We have developed an array of projects working with partners from Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, Angola and more. The multinational character of our partners has led to our software applications being used in 24 countries, across a variety of different industries.

Our outsourcing teams successfully combine the boldness and creativity of young developers with the experience and responsibility of veterans. We promote easy transfer of expertise within teams, thus ensuring that new employees can quickly acquire valuable knowledge from their more experienced colleagues.

Every outsourcing project comes with a unique set of challenges, which allows us to continuously develop our collective expertise by finding new and innovative solutions. We have always tackled unexpected situations with professionalism, turning difficult situations into great team successes. All our achievements so far have been possible thanks to a consistent exchange of information, skills and values.

Web Design


There is no easier way of successfully reaching a global audience than through a well-designed website. At berg COMPUTERS we have the experience and the know-how to build professional websites that are clean, on-trend and easy to use.

We provide complete design, implementation and maintenance services, committing to uphold the highest industry standards. We love to create beautiful graphical interfaces that are intuitive and ensure optimal user experience.

If you are not sure what you need, our web experts can help you choose the best design direction for your business. They are also happy to assist you with a variety of other issues from simple image processing to complex animations and multimedia presentations.

Mobile Development


Developing applications for mobile devices has always been one of berg COMPUTERS’ top areas of expertise. We understand the need for well-designed business and consumer applications, and we thoroughly enjoy creating them.

Whether you need to manage your business on the go or you simply want a personalized app to help you better organize your life, our mobile developers will be happy to create a custom solution for you.

For some businesses, instant, easy and secure content sharing across a variety of mobile devices can have an immense positive effect on efficiency and productivity. We can help you improve communication between employees by developing beautifully tailored software for them to use outside the office.

Customer Care


We are using an in-house customer care tool to help streamline our activities and improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, we also believe that it is essential to always maintain direct human interaction between us and our clients.

You can count on our service providers to find effective solutions to any problem. We are oriented towards customer needs and we always handle requests with respect and a positive attitude, trying to quickly identify the issues and then solve them promptly.

IT Consulting


Our consulting experts are here to understand your specific needs and then recommend long-term effective solutions meant to improve business results and minimize losses. We can also offer advice regarding cloud solutions, custom software solutions, and databases.

If you are not sure what the right technology for your business is, we’ll be happy to help you figure things out. We will talk you through your best software, hardware and service provider options and then assist you in choosing the right solution or you.


Access to Specialists

Our developers have valuable experience in creating high quality software, which means that they can provide quick solutions to any IT-related needs.

Whether you are looking for beautifully customized software, reliable IT advice, or a great team of programmers to take on part of your company’s work load, you can be sure that you will find the right IT specialists at berg COMPUTERS.

Costs Efficiency

Any large software development project requires a significant level of expertise, which naturally implies a high implementation budget. When a company lacks specialized workforce that is able to take on such a demanding task, outsourcing becomes the most cost efficient solution.

By contracting berg COMPUTERS, you gain instant access to industry experts and eliminate the need to organize training programs for your employees, thus lowering your expenses.

Cultural Diversity

berg COMPUTERS is a Romanian-German company and our team is made up of over one hundred individuals coming from different backgrounds and having different cultural affinities. We value diversity as it helps us stay creative and better understand our international clients’ unique perspective and specific requirements.