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At berg COMPUTERS, it is our permanent goal to seamlessly integrate design with functionality in order to deliver beautiful software that is clear, intuitive and easy to use.

Skills and Technologies

We have the experience, abilities and skills to take on highly complex projects and we are perfectly equipped to professionally deal with every stage of the software development process. From requirement analysis to implementation, testing, optimization and long-term maintenance, you can count on our technology experts to always help you achieve your goals.

Our developers have expertise in a variety of different technologies, which allows us to deliver a wide range of desktop programs, web applications, mobile tools and service oriented software. For every project we carry out we also ensure optimization for best time responses, data safety and security, as well as continuous support and administration. We can also provide remote installations for both local and international clients.


JEE (Servlets, JSP, JSF, EJB, JMS, JAXB), Web Services (JAX-WS, JAX-RS), GWT, Struts, Spring, Seam
Eclipse RCP, Swing, Applets, Hibernate, JPA, JDBC Maven, Ant
HTML4/5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, Dojo, AJAX

Application Servers:
Glassfish, Websphere, Tomcat, JBoss

Software Design and Project Management:
OOP, OOD, UML, GIT, SVN, Agile software development, Scrum, continuous integration
Team Software Process, Waterfall, TDD, JIRA, Rally, MS Project, Visio

JUnit, TestNG, DBUnit, Grinder, JMeter, Rational Performance Tester
Rational Functional Tester, Selenium, Mock Objects


Android SDK
Dalvik VM, ADT, Google Messaging Service SQLite


C#, C, C++
.NET Framework, ASP .NET MVC, Entity Framework, WCF, ADO .NET
SQL Server - Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services Microsoft Office SharePoint Server WPF, Silverlight


OOP, Zend framework
HTML4/5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, Dojo, AJAX
Drupal CMS


iPhone / iPad applications, Cocoa Touch, Media
Core Services, Core OS, Webservices

Employee Training and Professional Development

We understand and appreciate the value of continuous training and we make a sustained effort to empower our employees professionally. We encourage them to undertake new responsibilities as their knowledge and expertise evolves, and we offer a variety of training programs to help them reach their professional goals.

All our new colleagues benefit from internal training programs and the support of a mentor which help them quickly adapt to the new job. We also make sure that our more experienced employees can participate in seminars about new and emerging IT trends, so that they can best meet our clients’ needs, choosing the most appropriate technology for any given project.

Project Management

While advanced technology skills and experience are crucial for achieving high-quality results, we also understand that our success depends greatly on us using excellent project management solutions.

Our teams always choose the most appropriate management methodologies for each project, systematically addressing all development phases, from planning and implementation to monitoring and evaluation.

Scrum is one of the most used Agile methodologies for managing software development. It allows us to effectively prioritize our tasks, while also ensuring excellent feedback-based communication within our teams and with our clients.

Team Software Process (TSP) is a project management methodology designed to ensure excellent product quality and optimal delivery times, regardless of the project’s size and complexity. We choose this method whenever we take on highly demanding projects, such as elaborate software solutions for the medical sector.

The Waterfall Model is our project management methodology of choice when it comes to fixed budget projects. It helps us maintain maximum client satisfaction by staying within clearly established budgets and timeframes.

Design Thinking

Making our business more creative and innovative

At berg COMPUTERS, our meetings are so different and so creative. When we need to offer an innovative solution to our customers, we gather the team in the conference room, and by combining different experts, a creative space and a special approach, we use the Design Thinking methodology that always brings results.

A problem can easily be solved in a brainstorming session in which our team of professionals develops amazing ideas, that we discuss and choose the best one. Find out what are the steps of innovation in the IT field and what are the concepts that bring us successful results.

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