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Our mission is to quickly identify your business’ specific needs in order to provide custom software solutions that fit perfectly. It is our permanent goal to deliver superior quality products and services by always staying on top of emerging technology trends.

We believe that it is our duty to outdo ourselves, whether it is the case of a single human being or a company. We want our customers to rely on us, as they would do with any partner that will help their business to grow. We want our colleagues to come to the office convinced that at the end of the day, they will leave better professionals. We want our suppliers to feel that they are improving their services by working with us. We know for sure that we will accomplish anything we submit to, because we trust the values that stand as the foundation of our teamwork: professional development, responsibility, discipline, creativity, collaboration.

We love what we do. Building excellent business applications/software/web applications is our passion and we pay undivided attention to every single project that we take on. Our teams of software engineers, software architects, business analysts and designers always work together to understand your company’s individual needs even before you do, to make sure that they can provide fast and excellent results.

With 25 years of experience in the software development market, we have built a fine reputation for ourselves, both locally and internationally. As a Romanian-German company, we understand and appreciate the value and subtleties of cultural diversity, which helps us to easily understand and even exceed our customers’ expectations.

We build upon our past experiences in a consistent effort to make each new project better than the last. This philosophy of constant improvement has helped us nurture good, long-lasting partnerships and it will always remain at the core of all our activities.


2700+ software projects
1,900,000+ working hours
760 clients
24 countries

A single global application implemented
in 18 countries and used by 20,000+ people

For a single developer that would mean:
220 years of non-stop work
55 years of testing
12 years of meetings
18 years of research

Our Team

Although our team barely exceeds the average age of 30 years old, we have successfully acquired extensive expertise over 25 years of activity. We are over a hundred individuals at berg COMPUTERS, all with different and strong personalities, but we do know how to work together well, building on each other’s strengths.

We see the great variety of ethnicities, nationalities, religions, passions, hobbies and technological skills that we share as a priceless source of creativity, which is why we celebrate and encourage diversity.

Corporate Responsibility

We at berg COMPUTERS believe that no company is truly successful without assuming total ethical and environmental responsibility. We also understand that the long-term prosperity of any enterprise is directly connected to the welfare of the community in which it operates.

Our policies and actions

Our policies and actions are in compliance with high organizational values which ensure safe working conditions to all or employees. Our policies:

- support the consistent improvement of the company’s human capital and work environment
- ensure that all workers are treated with respect and dignity
- help prevent social and environmental risk factors
- help reduce the amount of generated waste
- help minimize energy consumption
- promote social responsibility

We care for the environment

The main resource that our company needs for its activities is electricity. Reducing power consumption is a constant concern for us, and for that we take a series of actions which promote sustainability:

- keeping careful record of all IT equipment energy consumption
- regularly replacing older equipment with new, energy-saving devices
- strictly monitoring energy consumption trends

We respect our employees

We offer and encourage equal treatment for all employees and do not tolerate any type of discrimination based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity or national origin, disability, religion, political affiliation, union membership, marital status or pregnancy.

Employees are also encouraged to openly share concerns, ideas and suggestions with their management without fear of harassment, intimidation or reprisal.

We see the bigger picture

Our company takes pride in upholding high ethical principles that guide our relationships both internally among our employees, and externally with all our suppliers, clients, partners and competitors.

We appreciate that every individual and every organization can contribute to the healthy development of our society and we thoroughly enjoy engaging in various activities which promote the healthy development of our local community.

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