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Tailored software for a perfect fit

Here at berg COMPUTERS we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike, and that’s why we make it a purpose to create custom software that just fits. You can rely on our team of professionals to deliver not only superior quality services, but also expert advice and continuous support.

Custom Software


A solution is only perfect when it’s tailored. It is our main objective to make sure that our projects suite you to a tee, which is why we enjoy creating custom software so much.

Software Outsourcing


There are two key ingredients to any successful outsourcing collaboration: great developers and excellent communication. With us, you have access to both.

Web Design


With over 3.5 billion people using the internet every day, it is quite clear that in order to stay relevant, every business needs to maintain a visible online presence.

Mobile Development


Our world loves to stay mobile. The more we rely on our mobile devices for our everyday activities, the more our need for better applications grows.

Customer Care


In order to provide first-rate customer care, we seamlessly combine two of our main assets: great software and excellent interpersonal communication.

IT Consulting


We are happy to help you optimize your business by suggesting effective ways of merging your unique management practices with the latest emerging technologies.

Business software for every industry

The dizzying rate at which things change across all industries can be either a serious inconvenience or a massive advantage for your business. Staying relevant by keeping up with all the latest trends and technologies is paramount.

This is where berg COMPUTERS comes in. We offer cutting edge technologies that will help you stay ahead of the game and quickly adapt to the constantly evolving needs of your customers.


Make sure you can quickly and easily adapt to the fast-paced changes that always occur in the automotive industry.

Rely on our experience for:

  • integration of mission critical business processes
  • complex car configurators
  • financial services applications
  • sales and distribution tools

Customer Service

Simplify the way you work and enhance customer satisfaction. Eliminate inefficiency and lower costs with smart technologies that improve automation.

Rely on our experience for:

  • elaborate ticketing systems
  • complex customer support platforms


Keep things running smoothly by integrating all areas of your distribution operation into one easy-to-manage system.

Rely on our experience for:

  • demand forecasting tools
  • replenishment applications
  • applications for planning and reporting merchandising activities


Easily keep tabs on that upcoming event. Manage registration, plan every detail, and make sure you’re always on schedule.

Rely on our experience for:

  • mobile event planning applications
  • ticket booking system
  • customization and printing tools for access badges


Find quick solutions to new industry challenges. As healthcare technologies evolve, make sure you do too.

Rely on our experience for:

  • customized software for medical laboratory equipment
  • automation software for laboratory robotics

Home and Office

Stay productive and well organized both at home and at the office. Enjoy home automation and let technology make your life easier.

Rely on our experience for:

  • customizable software for home automation
  • intuitive application for booking office space and equipment

Human Resources

Make sure that your most important resource – your employees – receives proper attention and care.

Rely on our experience for:

  • HR management applications
  • complex training management application
  • time and attendance software
  • suggestion box applications


Know your storage like the back of your hand. Keep track of all your materials and enjoy the fastest workflow you’ve ever experienced.

Rely on our experience for:

  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)


Experience maximum efficiency and be confident that your operation runs smoothly at all times.

Rely on our experience for:

  • supply chain management software
  • web-based help desk applications
  • key performance indicator (KPI) tools


Keep tabs on who knows about you and make sure your audience keeps growing. Target your campaigns and monitor their progress on the go.

Rely on our experience for:

  • marketing campaign tools
  • SMS marketing applications
  • campaign monitoring software
  • data integration tools


Stay mobile and manage your life and your business on the go.

Rely on our experience for:

  • mobile business applications
  • consumer applications

Real Estate

Keep your properties visible and help your leads become clients. Streamline processes and keep profitability up.

Rely on our experience for:

  • complex yet easy to navigate websites
  • dedicated applications

Looking for exciting programming jobs? Look no more.

Whether you like to work with Java, PHP, iOS, Android, .Net, or any other technology, chances are you are going to find at least one job opening within our company to meet your preferences.

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